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Hey TradeLikePros fans my names Drew or OhDrewzy big FPS competitive eSports grew up super competitive in real sports basketball, football big Lakers(kobe fan) also the 49ers! Moved from Midwest to the West Coast in 2017 and been pursuing my dreams ever since!



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Hi! I am Marek Booss-Cortez or BloodHunter! I am 18 years old and my biggest passion is film. Specifically, I love the cinematography aspect of film and aspire to be a famous cinematographer one day! I plan on going to a film school in 2021 and hope to make my way to Hollywood! My favorite games to play are Valorant and Smash Bros., I also love to play other games such as JRPG’s on the side like Persona! Some of my other hobbies are video editing/effect creating, playing piano, and soccer!